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We have recruited exceptional teachers who create an exciting and stimulating UTC and use modern learning technology to bring lessons to life.

All of our teachers have teaching qualifications and lots of experience.  Many of our staff have worked in industry as well for example:

  • Our Psychology teacher was previously a police psychologist
  • Our Vice Principal Engineering used to work on Formula 1 engines
  • Our Electronics teacher was a Ministry of Defence electrical engineer
  • Two of our Engineering teachers have taught Army engineers.
  • Our Computing Science teacher is a games designer.

They will work closely with our guest lecturers from local employers and the University of Southampton to use their expertise.    We’ll plan your learning carefully to make sure that all your subjects link together to build your understanding.

We’ll use big project themes lasting several weeks and challenge all our subject teachers to link their teaching to that theme.  These projects will be set by our employers and University partners and they will provide study visits and guest lecturers to link your learning to the real world.

Role of employers


The organisations supporting the UTC are some of the biggest employers in the area such as QinetiQ, Public Health England, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Chemring, Serco, Stannah Stailifts, DEG Signal, Defence Support Group and Tetricus Science Park.  We will also have very close links with the Royal Navy, 1 Artillery Brigade and many of the Army’s engineering and electronics divisions.

Our employers are looking for young people who leave school and university with a good mix of practical and academic skills.  They will work with the UTC to advise on subjects that will make students highly employable and will help make the learning come to life with real world examples.  They will provide guest lecturers, study visits and practical examples to show how what you learn links to the reality of their businesses.

When you go on work experience, the employers you meet will know what you have been learning and you will have a good understanding of how their organisation works.

Project based learning


You can pass exams by learning each subject in isolation.  We will take all the things you need to know for each subject and look for links between them, using big project themes set by local employers.

Their experts will come into the UTC and set you a project challenge that you’ll examine in all your subjects for a few weeks.  For example Public Health England is a world leader in developing vaccines and precautions to protect against killer diseases such as Ebola and they plan to support a challenge based on this.

What’s the biology of a disease?  How do you engineer equipment to test for illness?  How do you calculate the odds of an outbreak and use computers to model this? How do you inform the public without causing panic?  When have diseases been used in wars and can this ever be justified?  This approach builds much deeper understanding that will stay with you all your life.

The University of Southampton is a leader in the field of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).  We are planning a project where you build your own UAV but there will be much more to it than that.  What are the best materials to get a balance between strength and flexibility?  How can you maximise their range and effectiveness?  How could UAVs be used in search and rescue?  What are the arguments for and against using them in warfare?

All projects will help you build key business skills too: planning, teamwork, research, testing, data evaluation, risk assessment, communications and reporting.

Guest lecturers


Our teachers will bring in experts from local companies and the University to help explain how the ideas you are learning in the classroom work in practice.

Many of these guest lecturers are world experts in their fields and they are signing up to help the UTC because they like our ideas for practical learning. For example we have experts in pilot-less aircraft, protection against deadly diseases, cyber security, aircraft design, military vehicle engines, physical fitness, using DNA to solve crimes, building robots and many other areas.

Sometimes we’ll bring in young workers who are just starting their career and who can explain how they are now applying the things they learnt at school.



A mentor is someone who is a little further down a path you might want to take and who can help you shape your ideas.

We are identifying a group of young scientists and engineers who are working in local companies or studying at the University.  They will be paired up with UTC students who want to talk to someone.  This could be help understanding something you are learning or advice on future learning or what they do at work.

We will also be working with the University of Southampton’s Student Ambassadors, who come in to schools to work alongside Science and Engineering students.  In turn, you will get the chance to go into Primary Schools if you want and inspire the next generation.

Could you teach at the UTC ?


Are you reading this as a skilled and successful teacher or as someone with relevant knowledge and enthusiasm who we could train to become a UTC teacher?

We have set out our vision of the exciting and innovative school we are trying to create.  To achieve this we will need to find staff who share our vision and who can inspire our students and this applies to every job at the UTC, not just the teaching posts.  You can register now to be kept informed when vacancies arise by following this link to an external site.

We think the UTC is a very special place to work and you can help to make that a reality.

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