What will I learn ?

8.45-5.00 GCSEs & A Levels practical engineering & science stretching you as a person

A typical day


The UTC day runs from around 8.45 am to 5.00 pm on Tuesday to Thursday and from 8.45 am to 2.50 pm on Monday and Friday.

We want to help you get ready for the world of work by getting used to a full working day.  That doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting behind a desk all day.  As well as classroom-based learning there will be workshop sessions, video conferences and team-working around challenges set by employers.

You’ll have regular visits to employers and the University to see how they work and to use their equipment and facilities.  There will also be activities to stretch you as a person, for example volunteering, exercise, App development, Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, robot building and so on.

Oh, and there’s no homework – 8.45 to 5.00 is a long enough day!  All study and assignment work is built into the day and we will give you ideas on reading you can do online to prepare for the next day’s challenges.  You’ll have directed independent study time (DIST) built into lessons to help you reinforce what you have covered and there will always be a member of staff on hand to help you.



Wiltshire is the UK centre for Protective Science, with world leading scientists who research protection against diseases and biological attacks.

As a result, there’s a huge demand for young scientists to work in laboratories or to enter employment after university.  You will be able to study all the subjects you’d expect, like Biology, Physics and Chemistry, but you’ll have guest inputs from real experts to help bring it all to life.

Whatever you eventually choose to do, you’ll leave the UTC with a strong understanding of how the natural world works, how materials move and interact with each other and of how we apply science in the real world.



Engineering is the study of how we take our knowledge of science and apply it to make or change things.  Almost everything you use in your everyday life started off as an idea that an engineer made happen.

At the UTC you’ll work closely with our employers to understand engineering in action.  This could involve anything from nanotechnology (matter at the smallest level we can detect) to smart phones.  Or from robots to large military machines and how we can protect the Armed Forces that use them.

You’ll be able to specialise in particular areas of Engineering (for example computer-aided design, electrical engineering, vehicle engineering or mechanical engineering) if you want, or choose Electronics or Computing.  Whatever you eventually choose to do, the UTC will give you an understanding of how things work and how we apply technology to improve our lives.

General education


The extended school day at the UTC means there is plenty of time to study a wide range of general subjects as well as Engineering and Applied Science.  This will include English, Maths, the three separate Sciences, Psychology, a Foreign Language, Electronics, Economics & Business, Computing and Geography.  Click the Guide to Applicants tab at the top of the page to find out more.

We’ll make sure you have a strong understanding of Business, based on practical learning from our supporting employers.  You will also have access to lots of online learning tools, accessed from your own portable device!

Computing won’t just be a subject at the UTC, it will influence everything we do and we’ll use innovative technology to put you in touch with experts in our employers and the University and to link with learners in other organisations.

Building you as a person


There’s space in the UTC day to allow you to grow as a person and develop the confidence and attitudes that future employers will value and you will have a personal tutor who will help you at every step.  We will help you develop business skills that employers value and the personal and social skills you need for everyday life.

This will be based on our six core values:

Respect / Integrity / Judgement / Courage / Resilience / Compassion

1 Artillery Brigade and the Royal Navy play a special role in the UTC, helping you develop team working and leadership skills.  You’ll also have personal support from a team of mentors from our employers and the University.

You’ll choose from a wide range of extra activities including volunteering, Young Engineer competitions, sport and exercise, robotics and many other options.  We will also encourage you to volunteer to go into local primary schools and lead specially-designed Science and Engineering projects to spread your enthusiasm.

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