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Careers in Science and Engineering

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Joining the UTC won’t commit you to any one career path.  Some UTC students will go on to university while others will go on to a college, start an Apprenticeship or get a job with training.  Some students will join the Armed Forces and the UTC will have strong links with the Army and the Royal Navy, but there is no expectation that you will do that.

Science and Engineering qualifications are valued by employers in a wide range of industries because they show someone with a well-organised and logical mind.  Careers in Engineering include Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering (including 3D printing), Vehicle Technology and Biomedical Engineering (for example work on prosthetic limbs).

There is a huge range of Science careers and particular demand is this part of the country for Microbiologists, Health Science workers, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Chemists and Physics specialists.

If you do decide to become a scientist or technician or engineer you will be making your career choice based on real practical experience at the UTC of what these jobs are like.  We will also introduce you to some world class local employers who value the UTC’s approach to learning and will be working with our students on a regular basis.



Some UTC students will take an Apprenticeship when they leave the UTC.  Apprenticeships are real jobs that combine learning with earning.  Many of our best local employers offer high quality Apprenticeships for 18 year-olds and many now offer Higher Apprenticeships that can take you right up to degree level and beyond.  This means you end up with a university-level qualification but have been in paid employment all the time you have been learning.

Under an Apprenticeship, an employer takes you on and pays you a training wage while you learn the skills of the job and build a set of relevant qualifications.  There are more than 1400 different job roles that Apprentices are working on currently and many of the local employers we are working with have large intakes of Apprentices each year.  Many of our supporting employers will be looking for ambitious and well-motivated young people to take on as Apprentices once they leave the UTC.

Former apprentices will be included in our pool of mentors and if this is a future option that interests you, study at the UTC would be the perfect way of showing your commitment.

Progression to higher levels


If you want to go on to degree level study when you leave the UTC we will make sure that your choice of qualifications will allow you to apply for a full range of future courses.

Our sponsor, the University of Southampton, is a “Russell Group” university which means it is one of the top universities in the country.  Its staff will be guiding our menu of qualifications and will invite you to special events to sample university life.  Our college partner, Wiltshire College, also provides a wide range of advanced and degree level courses you can study locally.

If you are someone who likes practical learning you should also think about Higher Apprenticeships when you leave.  These are jobs with training that allow you to get a degree-level qualification while you earn.

Events and Open Evenings


We have three Open Evenings and Careers Events planned for 2016/17.  Please contact us on for more information.  At each one you will be able to find out about the UTC and meet many of the major employers who support the UTC to discuss career and university progression options.  The events all run from 6pm to 8pm and are on:

  • Tuesday 11 October
  • Thursday 10 November
  • Wednesday 25 January

Please remember that the initial application deadlines are 31 October for Year 10 and 31 January for Year 12.  You can still submit applications after that point but there may not be places available.

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If you’ve looked through the website including the questions we’ve been asked section and there is anything at all still puzzling you then let us know.

Call 01722 444000 or leave a question on the contact us page and we’ll be in touch.

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